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 The Wheel of Life 

Master Mind

This Mastermind course is a comprehensive deep-dive into maximizing the joy and happiness we experience in each of the eight areas of life: Personal, Business/Career, Health, Spirituality, Family, Friends & Intimacy, Finances, and Fitness.

Meet 1x per Month | Zoom or in-person
6 - Weeks | Free Gifts
In this Master Mind...

You will gain:   

  • A wealth of knowledge about the retirement journey timeline.

  • The confidence to take control of your own retirement planning.

  • A supportive community to ask questions, discuss hot financial topics, and get advice.


  • Improved personal and professional habits to support your financial well-being.

  • A comprehensive ah 

  • Become a member of Brice-Brooks Consulting Main Community.

  • Learn about upcoming courses, events, and Mastermind Group opportunities.


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Small Business Owners

Small Business Owner
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This Master Mind is for...

Luxury is feeling unrushed. It is designing a life that allows you to do what you want with high leverage.

- Tim Perriss


Retirement Readiness​

Self Paced | 12 Weeks | Meet 1x a month | Zoom

This interactive course provides a general overview of retirement preparedness at each stage of life with special emphasis on strategies to overcome common challenges. 

Master Class

All Roads Lead To Retirement

Free | One-day | Virtual 

This interactive retirement journey overview, you will gain applicable knowledge that you can use immediately to design, plan, and fund, the retirement of your dreams. 


Life Coaching

$147 / Hour


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