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Meet Valerie

CEO & Chief Strategist for Brice-Brooks Consulting, LLC

Valerie Brice-Brooks is the CEO and Chief Strategist for Brice-Brooks Consulting LLC, a full-service consulting firm that provides financial and retirement solutions to business owners, entrepreneurs, career professionals, and their families. Valerie is a licensed life insurance broker, as well as a gifted life and business coach. She excels at empowering her clients to dream big, take action, and achieve success with joy and ease. 


Valerie encourages her clients to think beyond the NOW and embrace planning for the future. She utilizes life insurance, annuities, and her gift for creating out-of-the-box strategies to help those she works with prepare and plan for a successful retirement. In fact, her mantra is All Roads Lead to Retirement because she understands that if we live long enough, we will enter that incredible phase of life... why not make it FABULOUS!

Valerie exhibits great care and excellence in tailoring products and services to fit the needs of each client while striving to build long-lasting relationships. She works with an expert team of financial advisors, CPAs, estate planning specialists, and others to meet her client's every need. Valerie embraces the mission of Brice-Brooks Consulting, LLC — maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism with every client interaction.

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Brice-Brooks Consulting

Brice-Brooks Consulting LLC is a solution-focused consulting firm known for its unique strategies and powerful outcomes. We take a holistic approach with our clients understanding that one's finances, for example, impact their health, relationships, careers, and vice versa. 

Our company's mantra is All Roads Lead to Retirement and our goal is to provide business owners, professionals, and their families with the comprehensive and customized tools set and exceed their long-term financial goals.  

Brice-Brooks Consulting LLC was born from a desire to help business owners, their companies, employees, and their families have access to user-friendly and affordable legal consultation and assistance to help them make sound personal and business decisions. This is still a core part of what we do. 

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