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Services Offered

We offer the following integrated services in our packages and as stand-alone options

Nine simple questions will give you a glimpse into the health of your financial future. This basic analysis lets you know if you're on track to living the retirement of your dreams or if you will outlive your savings.

Are you ready to intentionally design the life of your wildest dreams? Does the thought of doing that excite you, scare you, or seem farfetched and unrealistic? Working with me, be prepared to newly explore each area of your life to reenvision and expand the areas that are working and transform those areas that no longer serve you.

Did you know that the investment strategy you choose has a specific tax treatment and that this tax treatment will impact you very differently now and when you are well into your retirement? Your investments will fall into one of three categories - fully taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free. Which combination would make the best for your financial portfolio so that you can fire Uncle Sam? 

Estate & Legacy Planning

Coming soon. 

How will you attract the abundance you seek unless you are willing to give up your stories, myths, superstitions, traditions, and limiting beliefs about money? Healing your relationship with money is the first step to true financial freedom that will fortify your legacy for generations to come.  

Why is retirement important and why should everybody be thinking about it? Retirement is important because if we live long enough we will all reach this beautiful stage of life and… why not make it FABULOUS!

Schedule a Business 360 Discovery call to learn how you can have the life, finances, and business that you've always dreamed.

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