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 Resilience Circle 

Master Mind

Must attend All Roads Lead to Retirement master class first!

This Mastermind course is to discuss the challenges many are facing now as they approach retirement in survival mode: un or under-employed, unprepared, ashamed, discouraged, and scared for their future.  

Free | 6 - Weeks
Meet 1x per Month | Zoom or in-person
In this Master Mind...

You will gain:   

  • A wealth of knowledge about the retirement journey timeline.

  • The confidence to take control of your own retirement planning.

  • A supportive community to ask questions, discuss hot financial topics, and get advice.


  • Improved personal and professional habits to support your financial well-being.

  • A comprehensive ah 

  • Become a member of Brice-Brooks Consulting Main Community.

  • Learn about upcoming courses, events, and Mastermind Group opportunities.


Heading 6


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Heading 6

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owner
Heading 6
This Master Mind is for...

Luxury is feeling unrushed. It is designing a life that allows you to do what you want with high leverage.

- Tim Perriss


Retirement Readiness​

Self Paced | 12 Weeks | Meet 1x a month | Zoom

This interactive course provides a general overview of retirement preparedness at each stage of life with special emphasis on strategies to overcome common challenges. 

Master Class

All Roads Lead To Retirement

Free | One-day | Virtual 

This interactive retirement journey overview, you will gain applicable knowledge that you can use immediately to design, plan, and fund, the retirement of your dreams. 


Life Coaching

$147 / Hour


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